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Popular pages

There are many ways to feel good in Skellefteå. Here you live far away from the stress of big cities but still close to everything. The service is well developed and there are many options. It is simply a little easier to live here. Welcome to Skellefteå Municipality!

The municipality is responsible for such things as childcare, schools and care of the elderly. The municipality looks after the water supply and wastewater treatment; it manages the streets, waste disposal, street cleaning, environmental protection and fire prevention. We also have libraries and we ensure that you have access to various activities during your leisure time. And we do many other things.

  • Help us to develop Skelleftedalen

    We want to make it possible for 60 000 people to live in Skelleftedalen (the area from Skelleftehamn to Myckle) by 2040 and now we need your help. We have created a survey where you can share your opinion on how we should develop the area.
  • Kanalskolan will become a secondary school

    Skellefteå is growing, and so is the number of secondary school students. In order to create a good working environment for students and staff, Kanalskolan will open its doors as a temporary upper secondary school from autumn 2023.
  • Linda Dehlin becomes new head of health and social care in Skellefteå

    Linda Dehlin will be the new Head of Department for Health and Social Care in Skellefteå Municipality. "I am extremely happy and proud to be entrusted with this position. I am also very humbled by the difficulties and challenges that both I and the organisation face," she says.

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