Vocational course - Production technology 100 points

Applications open until April 2 for the study period May 22-June 9.

Applications open until April 23 for the study period June 12-June 30.

As an operator in the new green industry emerging in Sweden and Europe, you have an important role in the development of a sustainable future.

Skellefteå is a growing European center for the battery industry and the education prepares you for the recruitment needs of the industry.

Operators work in clean and dry environments and through automation, industrial work is no longer as heavy as it used to be. The tasks involve monitoring high-tech manufacturing processes in a control room environment, interpreting events that occur in processes and deciding on the right actions to ensure the process/production.

We welcome both female and male applicants with education and/or experience in industry or engineering.

We reserve the right to update the information on the website regularly.


You are eligible for adult education from 1 July of the year in which you turn 20. If you have a final certificate, upper secondary school diploma or upper secondary school certificate, you are eligible even if you are younger than 20 years old.

The course is partly conducted in English and it is important that you have the ability to assimilate studies at upper secondary level.
You need a passing grade in English 5 or equivalent.

If you do not have grades at the corresponding level specified in the entry requirements in English, it is possible to prove your language skills through a level test, read more at Level assessment External link. and follow the instructions. Use the built-in online translator to get the text into English or another language.

Course structure

The course contains theory and practical elements. Some parts will be self-study, others will be carried out at Campus Skellefteå. The practical elements often take place in small groups and your schedule can be changed at short notice. You who take the course need to be available for full-time, daytime studies.

You will receive more information about premises, schedule and structure on the first day of the course.

Working in clean and dry environments

In the emerging industry, working in clean and dry rooms is common to prevent products from becoming contaminated.
In the dry room, the humidity is very low. This means that if you have problems with eczema, for example, you may have to work in other areas of the production.

For more information about these parts, we refer to the industry who can answer your questions in more detail. Contact details for the industry can be found below.

Duration of study

  • The course is full-time and covers 100 credits at upper secondary level.
  • The course runs for 3 weeks without interruption.
  • The following starts can be applied for in spring 2023

May 22 - June 9 (application closes on April 2)

June 12 - June 30 (application closes April 23)

More starts will take place in the fall of 2023.

The course can be financed with student grants from CSN.


If you have your own laptop with Windows, it is beneficial for accessing the teaching material. There are loaner computers on site that can be used during the day.


CourseCourse codeCredits
Measurement and control technologyMÄTMÄO0100 p


What to include in your application

  • Your grades/certificates
  • If you are applying from another municipality: Attach the decision on intermunicipal compensation (IKE) from your home municipality. Contact adult education in your home municipality.
  • Use the built-in online translator to get the text into English or another language.

Admission process

The admission process starts when the application period is closed. An admission process is estimated to take up to three weeks. Admission notices are sent by e-mail. It is important that you provide the correct e-mail address and telephone number in your application.

Selection of the applicants will be based on:

  • Specified eligibility requirements
  • Applicable legislation

Read more here about how admission and selection works, click on the box Admission rules. External link.
Use the built-in online translator to get the text into English
or another language.

Do you have any questions?

About courses and the structure of the program, please contact:
Training coordinator Tore Karlsson on telephone number 070-6814292 or e-mail vux@skelleftea.se.

For industry-related questions:
https://northvolt.com/skelleftea/Länk to another website. External link. or e-mail join@northvolt.com

If you have questions about admission, contact:
Email cv@skelleftea.se or call 0910-73 50 00 and create a case and we will respond as soon as possible.

About your opportunities for study aid, contact:
CSN on telephone number 0771-27 60 00 or via the form Ask - CSN External link..

If you want guidance or support in applying for student finance, contact:
Centrum för studievägledning, CV, at www.skelleftea.se/cv External link..
There you can book an appointment for personal guidance, find opening hours and contact details.


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