Increased spread of infection leads to strained situation in preschool

At the moment, we have a tense situation in many preschools in our municipality, with increased spread of covid-19, seasonal flu and RS viruses. We have a higher than normal rate of staff sickness absence, and we may need to take measures to help each other between the different units and organise staffing to keep activities open.

This may mean, for example, that we help with opening and closing, which in turn may mean that your child may see different teachers to the regular ones at their preschool.

Be aware of information from your head teacher

The spread of the disease is currently affecting different areas and different preschools in different ways, and we would therefore urge you as a carer to pay attention to the information coming from the head teacher of your preschool about the situation and any measures being taken in the event of staff shortages.

Please use our planning tool and let us know if your child will be absent from preschool

We are very grateful to you as a carer for using the planning tool to submit your child's schedule, and also notifying us if your child will be absent. This provides us with important information to be able to staff the preschools according to actual needs and is especially important now for the holidays.

Staying home in case of illness

For both children and adults, the rule remains, of course, that you should stay at home if you are ill and come back to preschool only when you are well. Also be aware of the risk of leaving siblings of a sick child at the nursery as there is a high risk that the child will also fall ill and may have spread the infection further. On the other hand, the child who fell ill can only return when he or she is healthy, even if other siblings have fallen ill by then.

For more information about different viruses, what you can do yourself and how long children should stay at home after falling ill, visit External link.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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