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Our libraries

All our libraries are open to the public. Here you can borrow books, read newspapers, use a computer and much more.

Facilities and services

You are always welcome to the libraries in Skellefteå. Here you can do much more than borrow books. We have music, movie...

Children's book bus

The children's book bus is a complement to the libraries in Skellefteå municipality and the target groups for the activi...

Reading in different ways

There are many ways to read, and there are also different formats of books. In addition to "regular" books, the library ...

Digital library - apps and streaming

Download library apps to listen to audiobooks, watch movies, and read books and magazines for free.

Läsligan (Reading league)

Läsligan's ambition is to help young people aged 9 to 14 understand the importance and appeal of reading, without it hav...

Language cafés at the City Library and the Campus Library

Do you want to practice Swedish? Welcome to Språkgrupp at the City library in Skellefteå!

Welcome to the library!

Skellefteå municipality has a city library, nine local libraries, a university library on campus and the Children's Book Bus where you can borrow books, audiobooks, e-books, e-audiobooks, newspapers, magazines and films. You can also search our databases and do genealogical research. There is also wireless internet for those who want to work with their own computer.

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