Community Pools

Boliden's community pool

Welcome to Boliden's community pool which is located at Bolidenskolan in central Boliden, three miles west of Skellefteå...

Bureå bathhouse

Welcome to Bureå community pool, which is located at the school in central Bureå, two miles south of Skellefteå. Here yo...

Burträsk bathhouse

Welcome to Burträsk community pool. We work to enrich Burträsk's leisure time. There is a 16.6 meter long swimming pool,...

Do you want to bathe, swim or relax? Skellefteå municipality has eight community pools - one in each district.

For more information about the commmunity pools, opening hours etc please follow below links:

Eddahallen External link.

Örjanshallen External link.

Bolidens Community Pool External link.

Bureå Community Pool External link.

Burträsk Community Pool External link.

Byske Community Pool External link.

Jörns Community Pool External link.

You have to be ten years old and be able to swim at least 25 meters by yourself at the smaller community pools. This applies to Byske Badhus, Burträsk Badhus, Bureå Badhus, Boliden Badhus and Örjanshallen.

0910-73 50 00

Besöksadress: Stadshuset,
Trädgårdsgatan 6, Skellefteå