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You can fish here

Here we have put together a local guide to make fishing easy. Skellefteå has 420 kilometers of exciting coastal fishing,...

Learn how to fish

What can I fish and how do I get the fish to bite? These guides will answer those questions. Check out our fishing guide...

Fisheries and nature conservation

Viable fish stocks are the basis for a rich sport and recreational fishery. Skellefteå Municipality carries out extensiv...

Fishing permit

Are you an avid fly fisherman or do you want to fish for perch in central Skellefteå? There's a wide variety of fishing ...

Youth fishing card

If you are under 16 years old, you can discover fishing in hundreds of fishing waters within Skellefteå municipality for...

Fishing rules

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Affairs (HaV) is the authority in Sweden that determines the national regulation...

Welcome to Skellefteå's fishing waters! There's exciting fishing for everyone here - both inexperienced anglers and more experienced ones. The road to adventure can just as easily lead down to a jetty in Ursviken, to a stream in the deep forests of Kalvträsk or to a sea bay outside Bureå. Here we have gathered information on local fishing spots, tips on how to catch the big fish and when you need to buy a fishing licence to fish.

Restrictions in the Skellefte River due to crayfish plague

Crayfish in the Skellefte River have been found infected with crayfish plague. This means that there are some restrictions - not only on crayfish fishing, but also on how you handle fishing equipment, boats etc. in the river.

Here you will find information on rules and guidelines

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