In the 18th century, Carl Linnaeus walked along the Bure River towards the sea and enjoyed nature. A walk in the footsteps of the flower king is an experience even today. The trail has many nice resting places. Remember to buy a fishing licence if you want to try your luck at fishing.

If you want to read more about fishing conservation areas in Skellefteå municipality, you can find more information here

Length: 2 kilometers.
Route: Strömsholm, Bureå - Holmsjön, Bureå.
Start: At the parking lot, about 400 meters north of Strömsholmsvägen.

Description: The trail runs along the Bureälven river up to Bursjön and on towards Holmsjön. The nature consists mostly of pine and spruce forest and you also cross a stream and a rocky outcrop. You can choose to walk a gravel road back from Holmsjön to the parking lot. Then the entire loop will be 3.5 km.

Good to know: Along the trail there are a number of nicely located barbecue areas, three of which have windbreaks.

Attractions: Here you will find the most common berries from our Västerbotten forests as well as many different plants, such as wattle, forest star, linen and lily of the valley. At the end of the trail at Holmsjön there is a bird tower.

Directions: From Skellefteå take the E4 south. Turn right at the second entrance to Bureå and drive about 1 kilometer. Turn right onto Strömsholmsvägen, after about 400 meters there is a parking lot. Linnéstigen has its beginning just north of the parking lot.

Responsible for the trail: Bureälvens nedre fiskevårdsområdesförening.

In the spirit of Linnaeus

When Carl Linnaeus travelled by boat up the coast of western Sweden in the 18th century, he made beach stops in many places. One place was Bureå, where he walked along the Bure River and enjoyed the stunning scenery. And it is a hike that is well worth the effort to this day.

The hike goes through pine and spruce forests, along the river, past marshland, over streams and rocky hills where the ice sheet left its mark. During the hike you will find the most common berries from our Westrobothnian forests as well as many different plants such as spatterjack, wood star, lime blossom and lily of the valley.

The Linnaeus Trail is 3.5 kilometres long and starts at Strömsholmsvägen and follows the Bure River up to Bursjön and on towards Holmsjön. At the end of the trail you can cross over Strömsholmsvägen to Holmsjön where there is a bird tower, so bring your binoculars and take the opportunity to enjoy Holmsjön's bird life.

Then walk back the same way or follow the forest road to the car park.

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