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Eddahallen - Indoor pools, relax and gym

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Versatile, fresh and enjoyable - that's the recurring theme of the Eddahall bathing area. From the luxurious relaxation area to the various pools!

Eddahallen is the largest swimming pool in the municipality, with six different pools suitable for the youngest to the oldest, as well as assistive devices and special pools for the disabled. In addition to swimming, the bathing department also offers saunas, jacuzzis and relaxation as well as group training sessions in various types of water.

The bathing area is always staffed by trained bathing personnel.

Eddahallen is not just a swimming pool. It also has a sports hall, gym and conference facilities. Bookings for teams or associations are handled by the municipality's booking coordinator. As a private individual, you can book both conference, swimming and relaxation facilities for your own events. You can find contact details at the bottom of the page.

Pools - On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, all pools close 30 minutes before the scheduled time. This is so that everyone will have time to shower and we will have time to empty the facility and clean.

The café and cash desk close 30 minutes before the Eddahallen closes.

The relaxation area has the same opening hours as the bathhouse.

The jumping and play pool opens at 11.00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, on Wednesdays it opens at 6:30. During the weekend it is open like the rest of the pool. The children's lagoon is open as usual every day.

*Exercise swim is only available in the main pool. No games or toys in the main pool.

You can also buy an extended gym pass if you want to train at other times.

The café and cash desk close 30 minutes before Eddahallen closes.

The relaxation area has the same opening hours as the swimming pool.

If you buy a monthly pass, please note that we have different opening hours during the summer.

In order for everyone to enjoy themselves at Eddahallen, it is our wish that the following rules are respected.
You accept the following rules by paying the entrance fee.

  • All visitors pay admission to the facility according to the current price list
  • As an adult, you are responsible for supervising accompanying children at all times
  • Children under the age of 10 and non-swimmers of any age must always be accompanied by an adult
  • Staff have the right to refuse visitors who do not follow our rules or misbehave in any other way. No refundable entrance fee
  • Eddahallen is not liable for compensation claims from customers in the event of sudden stoppages in the facility or changes to opening hours, services or facilities
  • Eddahallen reserves the right to make changes to the opening hours, equipment and facilities of the facility, as well as to carry out repairs and necessary maintenance to the facility
  • Take care of your bathing card! In case of lost card a fee of 50 kr will be charged
  • All visitors must sign in at the entrance
  • Diapered children must wear a diapered bathing suit in the pool
  • Underwear or cotton clothing is not allowed in the pool
  • Eddahallen is a smoke-drug and alcohol-free facility and we have zero tolerance for doping
  • For safety reasons, glassware and crockery may not be brought into the facility
  • Always shower and soap up before putting on swimwear
  • The entire facility including changing rooms is staffed by both female and male personnel
  • Here at Eddahallen we respect and help each other and have fun together
  • No mobile phones are aloud! Phones are a safety hazard as they are a distraction for adults swimming with their children. It is also difficult to check that they are not being used for filming or photography.

Good to know

The facility's staff have lifesaving skills and are trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. The facility has a defibrillator. Every year, D-HLR (Defibrillator-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training is carried out and the staff also undergo life-saving and diving tests.

Please ask our staff if there is anything you are wondering about, we are happy to help.

We wish you an enjoyable experience with us at Eddahallen!

At Eddahallen, we have a number of comfort-enhancing rules to ensure that we really deliver what we say we will - a relaxing experience for both body and soul. In order for all visitors to fully enjoy their visit to the relaxation area, you need to show consideration for others. So here we have put together some information about safety in the baths and what you as a visitor should be aware of. It's all about creating a positive environment for everyone's well-being.

Peace & quiet

  • The relaxation area is a place for peace and quiet, relaxation and silence.
  • We have an 18 year old limit in the relaxation area, in order to offer our guests an adult environment, with the exception of days when children are allowed.
  • During family relaxation times, peace and quiet is the rule, no jumping, playing or toys are allowed inside. An adult must supervise their child at all times.


  • In order to protect the privacy of our guests, there is a screen ban throughout our bathing facility, which also means in the relaxation area. We would also like to offer a safe zone from phone calls and signals.
  • Glass bottles are forbidden in the entire bathing area for safety reasons
  • You are not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Smoking is prohibited in the entire facility

Hygiene and health

  • As the relaxation area is communal, we would like all guests to wear bathing suits or bathrobes, in the sauna you decide how you are dressed but you should have a towel to sit on for hygienic reasons
  • No food or drink is allowed in the sauna, but in the spa cafe we serve suitable food and drink which you can order in the relaxation area
  • No alcohol consumption
  • Breaking the rules will result in expulsion or suspension and no refund of the entrance fee. Refusal/expulsion will be decided by the swimming pool staff.

Thank you for your cooperation!

No water training during school holidays or holidays.


  • Water training 11.15-12.00
  • Water training CIRCLE 19.15-20.00


  • Water training MEDIUM 11.15-12.00


  • Water training 11.15-12.00


  • Water training CORE 11.15-12.00
  • Water training INTENSIVE 18.15-19.00


  • Water training 11.15-12.00

In order to book training online, you need to register a user in our booking system. If you already have one, you can book directly.

How to register an account

In order to book online you need to register an account. You can do this here:

You can also let us know your name, your date of birth (for example 1990-05-30). This will become your username. Don't forget your phone number and we will send login details to your email address. Go to the send message page External link, opens in new window.

Booking rules

  • 3 hour before the session you must have cancelled your place if you do not arrive.
  • If you have a pregnant/FAR prescription, you book as usual but you go to the reception and pay.
  • If you have a pregnant/FAR prescription and want to receive the correct fee and be able to pay directly on the booking page, talk to the cashier and we will help you.
  • Queuing place - If you are waiting in line and are lucky to get a place, you must pay for your pass within 24 hours or no later than 3 hours before the start of the pass, otherwise you will lose your place.
  • When paying in the booking system, you will receive a receipt and your ticket in a seperate e-mail (if you do not have a water training card or swimming card).
  • 10 minutes before the session you must check in your reservation, otherwise your place will be offered to any queuers on site.
  • If you do not comply with this you will receive a dot in the system and once you have received 3 dots you can no longer book online. To unlock your user and start booking again it costs 100 SEK.

The multi-purpose pool, activity and training pool, often booked for activities such as swimming school and water training. But, when it is free, ideal for play and general swimming.

The exercise/swim pool, the largest pool. Always open with plenty of space for both recreational and club swimmers.

The short side of the jumping and play pool is a rock for climbing and with ledges for jumping and diving, it is 3.70 deep.

The children's pool for the youngest has a fun mining and discovery theme that invites them to play and laugh among treasure chests, mine paths, small slides, etc.

If your child wears a diaper normally, we would like you as a parent to put on a swim diaper and have a bathing suit on the outside.
Swim diapers are available for sale at the ticket office.

The jacuzzi with 38-degree water and pleasant massage jets does wonders for all tense muscles.

The hot water pool, which is adapted for the disabled, is a 34-degree pool for small groups. Suitable for light water gymnastics. The general times are only for those with special needs. Talk to the staff if there is anything you are wondering about.

Lockers locked with padlocks are available in the changing rooms. Padlocks are available for purchase in the shop at the checkout.

Lockers are located in the family area by the children's lagoon and under the stairs in the swimming pool hall.

As a balm for stressed hearts. Wrap yourself up and just sit back in a cosy relaxing environment. In our relaxation area you can relax in hot and cold springs. There is also a small sauna with a beautiful starry sky.

Family relaxation on Saturdays

Age limit 18 years except Saturdays when we have family relaxation between 9.00 and 15.00. Then children up to 17 can go in adult company for a relaxation fee. Children up to 2 years old enter free of charge.

Cold and hot spring

The hot spring cares for your body. The cold one can be used to cool down after a nice hot sauna.

Light sauna

Small sauna with starry sky lighting - cosy is just the first name, enjoyable is the last.

Large sauna

The largest sauna in Skellefteå. Here you can relax with about thirty of your friends and colleagues. Experience sauna with essential oils, see below.

Steam sauna

A mosaic-clad beauty with high humidity at a comfortable temperature.

Rent the relaxation room?

When you rent the relaxation area the mini kitchen is included, you can pre-order simple fresh dishes from our café. You have the relaxation area to yourself for 2.5 hours.

Price 250 kr/person (starting fee 2 500 kr/10 persons)

At the Eddahallen café you can replenish your energy levels with light meals, drinks, coffee, ice cream and more. Here you will always find coffee breads that can be enjoyed inside the swimming area or outside.

You can bring your own lunch and eat it on our "coffee shelf" in the pool (not in our cafe). If you need food for the little ones, canned baby food is available and microwaves are available to heat the food you bring.

Buffet breakfast is served on Wednesdays from 7.00-9.30, 90 kr/person, 45 kr for children 3-10 years (not on school holidays and red days)

In the shop, at the checkout, you will find everything you need for a successful visit to us. We try to keep it up to date with both things you may have forgotten in a hurry and things you want to renew.

Attractive swimwear in many different price ranges. Talk to the staff at the checkout.

Swimming goggles
Good range for everything from children's play to the discerning athlete's needs.

Swimming accessories
Arm pads, inflatable and a soft comfortable foam model in three sizes. Swimming caps in different models.

Swim diapers
A special model that is tight and hygienic for the little ones. Also available in swimwear.

Hygiene products
Small, pleasant products for skin and hair care.

Bath towels
Available in fresh colours.

If you don't have your own lock for the cabinet, you can buy one at the counter.

Shower before you enter the pool

Leave dirt and hair in the shower instead of the swimming pool. If you do so the pool will stay clean and it helps us to reduce polluted water.