Theatre make-up and costumes

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Do you like to paint your own face?

In this course you will work with theatrical makeup to enhance and strengthen a character. You will try different products, colors and work with different tools. We also look at theatrical attributes and make face masks, horns and ears to enhance the character.

From: grade 3

This course is aimed at those who want to sew and create their own Cosplay character. In this course it is important that you have a clear plan of what/who you are going to make. We will look at your characters and work on sketches, sewing and fabrication.

Some materials, such as special fabrics, wigs, etc. will be purchased by the participants themselves.

From: Grade 3

You will unleash your creativity and create new garments from old materials. You will learn to think in new ways and make slight changes to make the garments fit you and your unique style.

From: Grade 3

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