A sustainable place for a better everyday life

In Skellefteå, there is a drive and desire to constantly develop and we do so with respect for our environment, our people and our assets. A sustainable perspective is included in all the decisions we make and runs like a red thread through the initiatives we implement.

Cooperation is the key to success. No one has the solution on their own, but we can achieve greater success and leverage knowledge, resources and opportunities if we work together, both within the group and with external partners.

Sustainable construction, sustainable mobility and sustainable industry are three areas where we are putting a little extra effort. Here, Campus, the municipality and private companies are working together to accelerate development. We have a long-standing strategy of building with wood, which has resulted in a beautiful and sustainable cultural centre. We are also making a big investment in electric aviation and investing heavily to create opportunities for our industry to become more sustainable.

Sustainable development must be economically, ecologically and socially sustainable. All elements are equally important and we have a shared responsibility to act in a way that takes us in the right direction.

Strong confidence and great development opportunities

In Skellefteå we have a strong welfare system and a growing labour market that creates security, confidence in the future and exciting development opportunities. It is also easy to make life work here with proximity to childcare, schools, culture, nature and leisure activities. But no matter how good things are today, we are constantly working to make them even better.

Our vision is to offer a better everyday life for everyone who chooses to live in Skellefteå. We know that participation helps people to be able, dare and want to take their place. That's why we work to create opportunities for people, the public sector and businesses to get involved in development. We create Skellefteå together!

Live and work (Development Strategy 2030)

Plans for a long-term perspective

Urban planning is about shaping the whole of buildings, green spaces, streets and squares in built-up areas. It is important to think in terms of how to develop the community in a sustainable way.

A plan is therefore needed for what should be changed and what should be preserved. Several different interests must be weighed up and prioritised from a long-term perspective and in relation to the changes we see in the world around us.

Something that we, Skellefteå Municipality, deal with in the planning of our community is to coordinate development and traffic, build new housing, challenge the car norm, make our common places attractive and safe, develop social cohesion and ensure that Skellefteå is a pleasant and accessible place to meet.

Basically, it's about planning how to use our land and water areas. This is done through the municipality's master and detailed plans. The entire planning process is a democratic one, governed by the Planning and Building Act (PBL). An important part of the work is to involve people affected by the changes and to consult experts so that the decision-making documents are as good as possible.

Planning for the future

We meet the needs

Investments in the municipality of Skellefteå are at record levels - and have been for several years. To meet the rapid growth and increase in population, construction of housing, preschools and schools, among other things, is accelerating.

Sustainable housing

Demand for housing in and around Skellefteå is very high and we are actively working to increase the supply. When we plan new housing, we do so on the basis that there should be housing for every part of life - regardless of age and life situation.

Over the next few years, both existing residential areas will be developed and new ones designed, with around 1,000 new homes expected to be completed by 2022 and over 1,000 homes started each year for several years to come.

Schools for the future

Rapid growth requires major investment in schools. We are building new and rebuilding in many parts of the municipality. We are creating educational facilities that will help us deliver good and equal quality education throughout the municipality and continue to lay the important foundations for the lifelong learning of our children and students. Sustainable and climate smart, of course.

A meaningful leisure time

A better everyday life is also created through a meaningful and active leisure time and several initiatives are currently being made to further strengthen Skellefteå's range of cultural, sports and leisure activities.

An infrastructure for more people

Skellefteå is growing, and as we become more numerous, the infrastructure also needs to be expanded. We are therefore building bridges, roads and bicycle paths, for example, and we are extending water pipes and sewers for a growing community.

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