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500 more homes planned for Sunnanå

A new residential area based on the children's perspective will emerge in Sunnanå. There will be around 500 new homes, with space for play, socializing and cultivation between the houses.

The Backen residential area is located on the northern slope of Rösberget, south of Lantmannagatan and between Falkträskets preschool and the Nyckelgatan residential area. There are now plans to build four- to six-storey apartment buildings. The homes will be grouped together with parkland in between, creating meeting places for spontaneous activities, community and meetings between people. An important piece of the puzzle for social sustainability.

The area will have a major focus on how children use it, and will be linked to the school area and the forest. There are plans for a central playground and a new preschool may also be considered. A major focus is placed on retaining important green corridors so that residents in the surrounding area can continue to use the forest on Rösberget for exercise and recreation.

A new nursing and care home is already being planned in the area.

Skellefteå municipality

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