Sörböle - attractive entrance from the south

Sörböle is the first thing that many visitors coming from the south see of Skellefteå. Here you will find the Sörböle school with sports field, racetrack, industries and gas stations.

Sörböle has a mixture of single-family houses and small apartment buildings. And the district will grow. New homes and more industries are being built and planned.

It is already easy to get around by foot and bicycle in Sörböle, but we want to make it even easier in the future with expanded walk and bicycle paths. We are also working to make the city entrance even more attractive.

In-depth master plan for Skelleftedalen

På gång i området och genomförda projekt

På gång i området och genomförda projekt

Construction is in full swing here. Several new residential areas in the Sörböle district are underway or recently completed. You can find them all here.