Stämningsgården will grow with care

Stämningsgården is an old agricultural area with small houses and some agricultural properties and horse farms. Most of the buildings are older, but there are also some newly built residential areas on the outskirts of the area.

The river Klintforsån flows through here, and the landscape is varied with open fields, hilly terrain and forest. Stämningsgården is also home to Mineralleden, an 18-kilometer-long hiking trail between Skellefteå Camping and Varuträsk.

It is possible to build more in Stämningsgården, but it must be done with consideration so that the new homes blend in well. Among other things, we want to investigate the possibility of linking the new residential area in Dalkarlsliden with Sjungande dalen.

In-depth master plan for Skelleftedalen

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