Vitberget - Skellefteå's entire outdoor area

Vitberget is Skellefteå's entire nature and outdoor area with a wide range of activities. It is possible to take part in electric light trails, ski trails, outdoor gyms, hiking trails, bike paths, orienteering trails, pistol shooting range, wind shelters and rest areas.

Next to the Vitberget's ski slope is Skellefteå camping, outdoor swimming pool, padel and tennis hall and Skellefteå Kraft Arena, with three ice rinks, curling, athletics, climbing and more. And right now we are developing the combination hall in the arena to make it even better.

We are also working to make the Vitberg area even more accessible for visitors. It will be easier to get to Vitberget from other parts of the city, and in the future the walking and bicycle routes to the area will be developed.

In-depth master plan for Skelleftedalen

Genomförda projekt i området

Genomförda projekt i området