How the strike notice affects our schools

The union Kommunal has issued a strike notice starting from Thursday morning, April 18th. This notice affects our upper-secondary schools (gymnasiums) as the school restaurants and cafés at Anderstorpsskolan, Balderskolan, Kanalskolan and Naturbruksgymnasiet are (temporarily) closed from Monday, April 15th.

The reason to the closed school restaurants and cafés is that the kitchen staff are reorganized to help prepare meals for the sick and elderly people to ensure that they get food if the strike breaks out on Thursday.

Preschools and primary schools are not affected by the strike notice.

No food served - students must bring their own lunch to school

From Tuesday, April 16th, all students in Skellefteå's upper-secondary school must arrange their own lunch meals. Either bring food from home to school, or eat lunch elsewhere.

Students will be able to use the school restaurants and cafés as places to sit and eat their lunch boxes, but plates, cutlery, glasses, etc are not available to use – these things must be brought from home. It won’t be possible to heat food in microwaves, nor will it be possible to store the food in fridges.

Please keep in mind not to bring food that can cause severe allergic reactions, such as nuts.

As of now, we don't have an exact answer to how long students must bring lunch.

Preschools and primary schools

Children and pupils in preschools and primary schools are not affected by the strike notice. Food will be served as usual.