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Pontus Lindman - Moments

Let yourself be swayed into a show with spectacular magic, suggestive mind-reading, and a high shock factor. 'Moments' is a performance where your memories, experiences, and choices are crucial to the resolution."

Immerse yourself in a show with spectacular magic, suggestive mind-reading, and a high shock factor. A fantastic performance where your memories, experiences, and the choices you make as an audience are crucial to the resolution. Enveloped in powerful storytelling where everything gains meaning and comes together before the end.

Award-winning magician and escape artist Pontus Lindman has transitioned from Bråvalla Festival, Musikhjälpen, and the world's most dangerous card trick in front of 100 million viewers on Britain's Got Talent to winning the Swedish Talent 2023. With the acclaimed show 'The Conspiracy' at Cirkus in Stockholm, he created a storm of excitement and sold-out venues. Now, he's coming to Skellefteå!

His astonishing magic and captivating storytelling that ties the shows together have taken Pontus Lindman from the small town of Smedjebacken in Dalarna to the big stages in the UK, Singapore, and, of course, the USA. Pontus Lindman is now embarking on a Sweden tour with his new magic show 'Moments,' visiting 18 cities.

"The present and the past come together to create a unique experience for each performance of the show, entirely dependent on the audience, with all our memories and moments shared together in the venue," says Pontus Lindman.

Secure your spot for the astonishing magic show 'Moments' and be utterly captivated by the fantastic, impactful, and impossible!

Please note, that the performance is presented in Swedish.

The recommended age limit is 7 years. The show is approximately 85 minutes without an intermission



SEK 360 + Service fee


Kontakt: Magnus Tunmats
Arrangör: Kulturaktiebolaget
Plats: Nordanåteatern
Telefon: 46-8-362221

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