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Diyari Mahmoud - Fairly Halal

Diyari Mahmoud takes us on a humorous journey – filled with laughter, serious nonsense, prejudices, and plenty of room for reflection.

Diyari Mahmoud has been one of Sweden's brightest comedy stars on the internet for several years. With millions of views on his sketches, Diyari, with his now popular characters Bosse, Baba, and Anders, has played with Swedes' prejudices about immigrants and vice versa. At the same time, he has playfully shown the challenges that can arise when another culture tries to find its place in the Swedish country.

In the performance Just Halal, Diyari Mahmoud takes the audience on a humorous journey through his life - from growing up on the outskirts of Linköping to his career as an engineer (where the comedy dream was born). Laughter is guaranteed when Diyari sheds light on the culture clashes he encountered throughout his life - and still does.

Legom Halal is a stand-up performance filled with laughter, serious nonsense, prejudices, and just enough room for reflection. Who knows, maybe a familiar face or two will join Diyari on stage?

DiyariMahmoud has been nominated for the Big Influencer Award, named Östgöte of the Year, and has been on the Media Academy's list of internet influencers of the year for the past four years.


Length: approx. 75 min (without intermission)

The recommended age limit is 16 years.



SEK 360 + service fee.


Kontakt: Kulturaktiebolaget
Arrangör: Kulturaktiebolaget
Plats: Nordanåteatern
Telefon: 46-8-362221

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