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A get-together for distance students!

Welcome to our study and coffee meet-up at the Campus Library!

A get-together for distance students!

Here You'll get to meet with other online students and exchange your thoughts and experiences. Librarians from the Campus Library will also join in and offer some tips on how to find all the course material. We'll prepare the coffee.

Drop in. Free of charge

Tuesday 5.30 pm to 7 pm. This meet-up starts on February 20th and continues until April 23rd. 

Place and location: Campus library Skellefteå, Laboratorgränd 13

Organizer: Campus library Skellefteå



Free of charge


Kontakt: Campusbiblioteket
Arrangör: Culture and Library Department
Plats: Campus Skellefteå
Telefon: 46-0910-585345

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