Live Sketching Sessions

Ready to dive into the world of art and creativity? Skellefteå Sketching Group and Kulturföreningen Mullberget invites you to a unique and welcoming experience that's all about sketching and sharing your passion for art.

Skellefteå Sketching Group invites you to live sketching sessions! We’ll meet every other Sunday (even weeks) 11:00-13:00 in Kulturföreningen Mullberget (Mullbergsvägen 1, 931 37 Skellefteå) in the Concert Room.

The event is free to participate in. You can just show up and use the art supplies provided by ABF Skellefteå. You can also bring your own sketching gear if you'd like! While all ages are welcome, we suggest this event for you age of 16 and older.

Take a seat and make yourself comfortable. The model will pose in contrasting light and we will then sketch an image.

Workshop timetable: 

START at 11:00

5 min sketch

5 min sketch

10 min sketch

10 min sketch

15 min sketch

 15min coffee break

5 min sketch

10 min sketch

15 min sketch

20 min sketch

OVER around 13:00

Once the sketching session is over, it's show-and-tell time! You can proudly share your sketches with the group (but only if you want to). We're all about encouraging each other. Whether you're a pro or you've never sketched before, these workshops are for everyone. No pressure, no fancy art degrees needed.

If you’d like to pose during the workshop or you know someone who’d like to do that, please contact us by DM on our Instagram: @skellefteasketchinggroup
or our e-mail:  skellefteasketchinggroup@  

We hope to see you!


Free entrance


Arrangör: Kulturföreningen Mullberget
Plats: Mullbergsvägen 1 - Skellefteå
Telefon: 46-072-2088855

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