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Pettson & Findus "THE FOX HUNT"

Family show with Pettson, Findus, and neighbor Gustavsson! 50 minutes of great entertainment for the whole family.

"Rävjakten" is perhaps the most loved book about the old man and the cat. The performance tells about when the neighbor Gustavsson comes home to Pettson & Findus and tells them that a fox has been on the farm and taken a hen.

He urges Pettson to look after his chickens a little extra so the fox doesn't take them.
Gustavsson says that if he sees the fox, he will shoot it.
Findus thinks it is a sin to shoot the fox, but he has another solution.
His idea is to trick and scare the fox instead.
So, with a scarecrow, fireworks, and ghosts, they will give the fox so that he never dares to take a hen.

50 minutes of entertainment with foxes, fireworks, and ghosts!
The show is suitable for both children and adults.
It is a show to be enjoyed together!

Please note, the performance is in Swedish.

In the roles:
Pettson – Martin Ibohm
Findus – Yasmine Östergren
Gustavsson – Anders Brandel
Script, music, scenography, and direction: Ingemar Bernthsson



SEK 250 including service feesTickets are sold at Skellefteå Tourist Center phone + (0) 910 452510 and online at Nortic, click the book button


Kontakt: Ingemar Bernthsson
Arrangör: Mycke Nöje i Sverige AB
Plats: Nordanåteatern
Telefon: 46-073-0372226

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