THINK: Elin Andersson - When the world Disappears

Elin Andersson, afflicted with an incurable eye disease that robs her of her sight, shares in her lecture "When the World Disappears" how she has chosen to defy the disease. Listen to a story that provides perspective and inspiration to defy one's own fears and obstacles.

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Elin Andersson was born with an incurable eye disease that gradually takes her vision away. As a child, she had a visual acuity of about 30 %, and today it is approximately 6 %. In brief, the disease entails a gradual deterioration of vision, and currently, there is no corrective or treatment available.

In her lecture "When the World Disappears," Elin shares how she has chosen to defy her illness and disability. Despite the fears, she has chosen to live life to the fullest, in the ways she can. With a focus on moving forward, she has challenged herself, learned, and overcome much more than she thought was possible. She talks about how, with the help of her mindset and a large dose of stubbornness, she has navigated both small and large challenges in life and embraced the constant change she lives in.

About Elin Andersson: Elin Andersson lives in Skellefteå, is an educated high school and middle school teacher in German/English, and has worked as a teacher for 16 years. She is an ICF certified coach and has several certifications in group training, along with many years of experience as an instructor. Nowadays, she runs her company, Blindspot Development, and works as a lecturer and coach.

Come and listen to a story that provides perspective and inspiration to defy your own fears and obstacles. And that reminds you to be strong and courageous, not to give up but to try and try again to achieve your goals and dreams.

"I sometimes get asked how I manage it, and the simple answer is: because I want to."


The THINK-lecture is organized in collaboration with Skellefteå Municipality.

Free admission, but you must reserve your spot!


The THINK lecture series at Sara kulturhus presents some of Sweden's leading speakers. With their insights and stories, the lecturers sow small seeds of thought in the audience's consciousness and inspire reflection. Sometimes transparent, captivating and clever. Other times creative, exciting and just a little wonderful.


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Free admission - but you must reserve your seat!


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