Sängklader i lin och och  en man som bereder lin

Lin för livet - exhibition

Lin för livet is an exhibition that shows the breadth of linen as a material, everything from linen insulation to sheer lace. Long live linen!

Linen is a versatile plant with a fascinating history. Already 6,000 years ago, the Egyptians knew how linen is made. In Sweden, linen was vital until cotton was introduced. Today, linen is important again because it is a fiber that we can grow and extract here, where we are. And we can do it in a sustainable way.

Lin för livet is a dishcloth that wipes the kitchen table on a rainy Tuesday morning. It's a shirt that you wear to the job meeting. Linen for life is the towel you wrap around yourself after a dip in the sea, the duvet in bed, the tablecloth at the birthday party, the reusable coffee filter, the floor you walk on.

In the exhibition there is collected linen from all over Sweden, an insight into the linen that is found in life, for life.

Exhibition period: 4 – 24 April
Vernissage: April 4 at 5pm
Venue: City Library, Sara cultural center

The exhibition is produced by Swedens handicraft consultants/regional developers in handicrafts.
Photographer: Maja Kristin Nylander

Download a brochure for the exhibition Lin för Livet External link, opens in new window.

Watch a film showcasing Lin för livet exhibition External link, opens in new window.

The exhibition is shown through a collaboration between the Västerbotten County Handicrafts Association/County handicrafts Consultant and the Handicrafts Consultant in Skellefteå Municipality/Culture and Library Department

Craft evenings in the exhibition

Embroider linen on linen 11 April 18 - 20
Leader: Rebecka Adelhult Feklistoff, county handicrafts consultant

Care and care of linen 18 April 18 - 20
Leader: Ulrika Hedlind Berggren, handicraft consultant Skellefteå municipality


Free entrance


Kontakt: Kultur och biblioteksavdelningen
Arrangör: Culture and Library Department
Plats: The City Library
Telefon: 46-0910-735000

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