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Celebrate Mother’s Day at Stiftsgården

Come and celebrate Mother’s Day Sunday May 26Th at Stiftsgården.
We invite to a delightful summer buffet that you don’t want to miss!
A warm welcome!

Come and celebrate Mother’s Day at Stiftsgården Sundag May 26th.
We invite to a delightful summer buffet at the cost of 495 SEK per person.

Matjessill with sour cream, chives and kavrings crumbs
Asparagus pie with Västerbotten cheese
Mushroom caps with goat cheese creme
Small potato cakes with chesse and reindeer with horse radish
Grilled corn chicken supreme
Baked salmon
Green potato salad
Melon salsa
Quinoa with fried vegetables
Green leaves
Coctail tomato- and feta cheese salad
Green herbal sauce

and last but not least, our yummy ”tårtunge” (a swiss roll pastry topped with whipped cream and berries).

The buffet includes water, tea and coffee. Other beverages can be purchased.

A warm welcome!


Plats: Stiftsgården Restaurant
Telefon: 46-0910-725700

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