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A non-profit race where everyone can join and participate! Run, swing, walk, or roll at your own pace along our nice course! Any surplus goes to Hugo's Foundation, which promotes an active life for children and young people with disabilities!


***We are celebrating 10 years***

Saturday 7 September in Skellefteå

The rush of joy is the race in which EVERYONE can participate!
Come run, walk, or roll along our beautiful course across the bridges!
All participants receive a goodie bag and a stylish shirt.

A lovely day of fellowship and many fun activities for both young and old that suit the whole family.

For the smallest ones, there is the Knatteruset where everyone who finishes gets a nice medal and a drink!

Hugo's Foundation organizes the Rush of Joy!
All money collected goes to the foundation's work to help children and young people with disabilities to better health and a good life.
You can read more about our projects at



|Translated by Google translation| Different price ranges. Registration via the website:


Kontakt: Malin Forsberg
Arrangör: Glädjeruset IF
Plats: Trädgårdsgatan 7 - Skellefteå
Telefon: 46-73-6423121

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