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Shoegaze. A performance about the small, the big and everything in between.


A performance about the small, the big and everything in between.

In the music genre Shoegaze, the musicians always look focused down at the floor, at their feet. What are they actually watching? Choreographer Kristin Helgebostad compares them to gigantic giants who look down on complex hyper-landscapes of moss, ants, wasps and insects. Like the giant Atlas who is condemned to carry the firmament on his shoulders, we all, including the giant, must bear the fact that we are treading on what is beneath us. Shoegaze explores perspectives in our existence and togetherness with great curiosity. Meet the tiny and the super big in this magical dance performance.

From 13 years

Cast: 7 dancers

Included in Dance in the November Darkness.

Date: Sunday 3 November at 19.00

Location: Nordanåteatern

Playing time: 70 my

Price SEK 150, youth under 26/students SEK 100

You buy the tickets at the office at Skeppargatan 11B, tel. 0910-125 03, Skellefteå Tourist Center tel. 0910-452510 or

Organizer: Skellefteå National Theater Association


|Translated by Google translation| Price: SEK 150, youth under 26/students: SEK 100


Arrangör: Skellefteå Riksteaterförening
Plats: Nordanåteatern
Telefon: 46-0910-12503

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