THINK: Mikael Andersson - Armless, legless, but not hopeless

Mikael Andersson was sentenced to a life in an institution when he was born without arms or legs in the sixties. Today, he is married, has four children, his own company, and is one of Sweden's most popular speakers. Experience a lecture where joy meets seriousness and motivation meets lethargy.

Mikael Andersson was sentenced to a life in an institution when he was born in the sixties without arms or legs. Today, he is married, has four children, his own company, and is one of Sweden's and Norway's most popular speakers.

A Mikael Andersson lecture is not based on research results or theoretical models. He has no ambition or intention to provide simple answers and ready-made solutions to the audience. But no one leaves the room without being deeply moved. Mikael's lectures affect and change many people's views of themselves and what is truly possible.

Mikael Andersson has lectured for hundreds of thousands of people and hundreds of companies such as AstraZeneca, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Ericsson, ICA, Volvo, Posten, SEB, IKEA, Stadium, the Swedish Tax Agency, Handelsbanken, and many municipalities, labor unions, etc.

During a Mikael Andersson lecture, you are stimulated to reflect and contemplate. You encounter the dark, difficult, and painful, but also the bright, strong, and positive. You leave with hope, joy, strength, and inspiration.

The lecture series THINK at Sara kulturhus presents some of Sweden's foremost speakers. With their insights and stories, the speakers sow small seeds of thought in the audience's consciousness and inspire reflection. Sometimes transparent, captivating, and smart. Other times creative, uplifting, and just a little bit wonderful.


Good to know before your visit:

Languge: this lecture is held in Swedish. 
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