In this performative artwork, we gain insight into EPA-EMMIE's life through a pimped and modified Volkswagen Beetle. It's a decidedly different world where a queer woman with autism and ADHD encounters the raggare and EPA culture.

Museum Anna Nordlander / MAN presents: EPA-EMMIE'S DIARY by Emmie Jansson

For several years, Emmie Jansson has worked on the performative art project and alter ego EPA-EMMIE, where she places herself as a queer woman with autism and ADHD in relation to the raggare and EPA culture. Outsiderness, feeling hated and ostracized, is central to her artistry.

The work EPA-EMMIE'S DIARY challenges prevailing values within the raggare culture, such as sexism, racism, queerphobia, and environmental impact. At the same time, EPA-EMMIE identifies with what it’s like to be young and scorned and belittled for one's identity and passion. "The project is a playful exploration and experimentation, an investigation of a world I have never been part of but have become obsessed with," says Emmie Jansson.

In the artist's reflections on the concept of raggare, questions arose about the right to move freely in public space. But also, who qualifies, who gets to be part of the raggare gang? Is there room to be oneself, or does a kind of normalcy exist within the raggare culture? The art project provides an opportunity to ponder norms and preconceived notions. How does one become a respected and profitable citizen? Is there a 'right' way to live? While EPA-EMMIE questions the raggare culture, she searches for answers to life's questions with a longing to wear her identity on the outside, feel pride, and take up space.

The work consists of a modified Volkswagen parked in Nordanå Park all summer. Visitors are welcome to step into the pimped "Beetle" and, through sensory-stimulating impressions, be transported to the raggare’s world, raw and uncensored—just as it is.

Emmie Jansson (1996) grew up in Falkenberg and works in Skåne. She will receive her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in spring 2024.

The exhibition is curated and produced by Museum Anna Nordlander / MAN.


Arrangör: Museum Anna Nordlander
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