Musik vid Bryggarbacken (Music at the Brewer's Hill)

Music at Bryggarbacken - four Tuesdays in July with a folk feast. On stage: established and new local artists. Free entrance! Bands: Context, OFP, No Lemon, Bronkko, Kärlek & slagsmål, Simon Löfstedt Trio, Lucid Blues, Ben Carbine & the 18–Wheelers.

There will certainly be a musical folk feast at Skellefteälven this year too! During four Tuesdays in July, a summery folk festival with music by local artists, both more established and young talents, is offered (free entry!). Welcome to the river bank for meetings with people and music.

The music starts at 19.30 and around 21.00 the notes ring out.
Free entry, drop in!

July 9:
NOLEMON - with inspiration from the 70s as well as the 90s, they make alternative rock with influences from a variety of different directions. "Classic rock music, sometimes with elements of funk, metal and pop" as they themselves have described it.
BRONKKO – seasoned band that plays Swedish rock with roots in the 70s and 80s. Good Swedish rock. In short.

July 16:
KÄRLEK & SLAGSMÅL is a punk rock band from Skellefteå that stands out with its broad and unique repertoire. With song lyrics in Swedish that are delivered with a lot of emotion and passion, they aim for the big stages.
SIMON LÖFSTEDT TRIO. Simon works as a guitarist and freelance musician with Stockholm and the world as his workplace. With his trio, he offers his own interpretations of classic songs and his own material.

23 July:
LUCID BLUES has been delivering high quality psychedelic blues rock since 2019. The group has since evolved a lot and never ceases to surprise. The four members embrace the sound of a bygone era with modern and vibrant energy.
BEN CARBINE & THE 18-WHEELERS. The country band is an appreciated live act with its positive, energetic combination of traditional and current country. Already in 2009, they were winners in the genre "pop/rock country in the Swedish Country Music Championships.
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Organiser: Skellefteå Musikaliska in collaboration with Kulturföreningen Mullberget and with the support of Skellefteå municipality and the local business community, Music partners: Summertime Music & Life Festival and Alive Production.
Sponsors from the business world: Megafonen, 4Sign, Guiden, Henson, Contractor, Repay, Skebo, Swedbank, Skellefteå Bryggeri and Nornan Invest.

Thanks to all our partners who make it possible!


Free entrence!


Arrangör: Skellefteå Musikaliska
Plats: Strandgatan - Skellefteå

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