Sami hiking

Guided hike with forest Sami Lotta Svensson.

In this unique hike, we get to follow Lotta Svensson, forest Sami from Båtsuojs, in her footsteps. She talks about Sami diet, about wild plants and medicinal plants for food and home remedies. About how to roast inner bark from pine that was previously used as staple food in the Sami diet.

Lotta also talks about the Sami culture and its approach to animals and nature. Bjuröklubb belongs to Maskaure Sami village, which Lotta comes from. The walk, which starts from Bjuröklubb's chapel, takes about 1.5-2 hours and is suitable for both adults and children. After the walk, we gather for simple refreshments in the coffee house, by the Bjuröklubb's chapel. Remember to dress in comfortable clothes and bring good walking shoes. In case of rain, bring rain clothes. Warm welcome! Etc. Arena Bjuröklubb


|Translated by Google translation| SEK 150.


Arrangör: Arena Bjuröklubb
Plats: Bjuröklubbs chapel
Telefon: 46-072-2042100

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