Nolleperioden 2024

Welcome to the student life at Campus Skellefteå!

Nolleperioden is a welcoming event for new students at Campus Skellefteå held by volunteering students who have planned a little over a week of fun activities and events to help you get to know the campus, the people in it and the student life!

Nolleperioden is an arrangement planned and executed by volunteering students, driven by commitment and a dream of giving you a welcoming as fun as they themselves had. Our Nolleperiod has one purpose and one purpose only: to provide you - our new student - with the best start possible!


Phöseriet is the group arranging Nolleperioden, a subsection of the Student Union, who has planned a little over a week filled with fun activities, teambuilding and events!


The purpose with Nolleperioden is to give you an introduction and great opportunity to: get to know and bond with your classmates, familiarize yourself with Campus & the city, get closer to other students, and of course to get an amazing and memorable start to your studies!


To give you an idea of what it’s all about, here is some information:


  • Nolleperioden is arranged yearly by Phöseriet. Phöseriet is a subsection of the Student Union of Campus Skellefteå. It consists of a group of volunteer students who put a lot of time and effort into giving new students as good of a welcome as possible. Nolleperioden spans for about two weeks. During this period there will be games, competitions, concerts, spex, dinners and field trips where you will get to know your classmates but also people from other classes as well.


  • Phösare are the volunteering students working to help with the arrangements. They have during the year been educated in conflict handling, responsible handling of alcohol, leadership, and first aid. They will help you take your first steps into student life and other fun traditions.


  • Överphösare are the four students that have taken on the role of organizing Nolleperioden. They have planned what activities will be held, acquired fundings, put together the training for the Phösare, along with arranging meetings to create unison within Phöseriet and making sure that the Phösare are well prepared to lead you through the event.


  • During Nolleperioden there will be an actongoing throughout the entirety of Nolleperioden and it is completely voluntary. The act consists of a sort of “hierarchy”.  At the top you have the all seeing and all knowing Adeln followed by Överphösarna, their right hand men. Below them are the Phösare (that continuously deals with the fathomless whims of Överphösarna) and Nollor (lit. ‘zeroes’ the new students who have yet to begin their first year!). There are no actual hierarchical differences between Phösare and Nollor except that the Phösare have a responsibility to Överphösarna whilst the Nollor are simply there to have fun! If you don’t wish to participate in the act you don’t have to, just make sure that you don’t spoil it for others


If the Nollor are not having fun then the Phösare aren’t having fun. If the Phösare aren’t  having  fun, then the Överphösare don’t have fun - and that’s no fun!


Nolleperiodens opening ceremony takes place in Forumsalen 9:30 on Friday, 23rd of August!


We’re aware that some might not have moved to Skellefteå yet and can’t partake from the start, but everyone is of course welcome and encouraged to join the activities regardless of when you arrive!


If you want to join, but can’t attend the opening, you’ll find more information about locations and the activities on External link, opens in new window., so just show up!


Arrangör: Studentföreningen Campus Skellefteå
Plats: Campus Skellefteå

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