Students from Campus Skellefteå created all the graphics for this years’ Christmas calendar

This years’ TV calendar “En hederlig jul med Knyckertz” by SVT is filmed in Luleå and Boden by the production company Unlimited Stories, in cooperation with Filmpool Nord. Unlimited Stories contacted the YH education Visual Magic at Campus Skellefteå to get help with the graphics for this year’s Christmas calendar. Among other tasks, the students at the VFX education developed concepts and modelled a prison.

We had a little chat with one of the students at Visual Magic, Matilda Isaksson, who worked with the production:

En hederlig jul med familjen Knyckertz. Photo: SVT

Now when we are watching the Christmas calendar, what should we look for?

The most visual task was to build the exterior of a prison building and place it on top of a mountain, filmed from a few different camera angles. We have also transformed the exterior of a building in Luleå and turned it into a shop that the children in the calendar visit frequently.

In addition to these two assignments, we have done a lot of small fixes that are less visible. For example, we have added more snow where needed, removed a bird that flew by at the wrong time and amplified light sources to enhance the scenes, Matilda says.

What was most fun with this project?

The most fun part of the job apart from the fact that the producer often laughed at my jokes must probably be to work with a matte painter. Although I had no clue in the beginning what a matte painter actually does

A matte painter, in general, creates paintings using the software Photoshop (by the way- matte painter is a future career that I think children and young people with a talent for drawing should pay attention to). Our job this summer was to place these paintings in video and make them stick onto objects. This way, we could easily place out new signs and additional snow, for example.

And most important of all will you watch this year’s Christmas calendar?

I have actually had a sneak peak already! We were invited to the preview in Luleå last Sunday, where we got to watch the first four episodes. Super fun! I will certainly watch the continuation. It was a lot of work to get the end product together; now I want to sit back, enjoy and have the Christmas feelings coming.

Petra Blomqvist is working on the prison i 3D

About the production

During the spring, 2021, students from the VFX education Visual Magic at Campus Skellefteå, developed concepts and modified settings for the Christmas calendar that is now broadcasting at SVT.

Thanks to the Sammes Foundation these four students could work on the project during the summer:

  • Petra Blomqvist
  • Colin Greenall
  • Matilda Isaksson
  • Deniz Özümagi

However, the work was not completed during the summer, so two of the students, Matilda and Deniz, continued to work during the fall. All the graphics for the Christmas calendar have been made by the students, together with the mentor Pär Olofsson.

The calendar is now broadcasting on SVT.

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