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ATPL programme - This 20-months non-stop training programme trains the pilot to the level of proficiency required to operate as a first officer on multi-pilot aeroplanes in commercial air transport and to obtain an EASA CPL/ME/IR license with ATPL theory and MCC.

To become an airline pilot you have to study theory subjects as well as undergo extensive practical training on actual aircraft and flight simulator. Green Flight Academys pilot training programme enables you to take all the required parts in a composed training programme to obtain an EASA ATPL license (CPL-ME-IR with MCC rating) without loosing valuable time.

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Green Flight Academys pilot training programme includes all required components and all costs to graduate with a full EASA commercial pilot license to get you onboard with any airline. Read more about what 20 months of full time training at Green Flight Academys i Skellefteå, Sweden includes: External link.


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