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Skellefteå's business community

Skellefteå will be characterised by an expansive, creative and industry-leading business community and a broad and growing labour market, where new companies and businesses are established and where existing ones grow. Our mission is to support this development and stimulate both breadth and excellence in a business sector that already breathes innovation. We are here for you and your business, together we will go far!

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Read the stories of the companies in Skellefteå!

Here you will find stories about the companies and people that make Skellefteå the attractive place it is. Follow along!

  • The flight school of the future is in Skellefteå

    Electric flights, northern lights and personal development - the Green Flight Academy in Skellefteå attracts students from all over the world to a new kind of flight school in the north. - The aviation industry is undergoing major changes. We want to build the pilots of the future as confident and soft leaders, says Cecilia Holmlund, site manager at Green Flight Academy. At Skellefteå Airport, aspiring pilots gather for the world's most sustainable flight school. In the spring of 2024, the first students will graduate from the Green Flight Academy - where large parts of the training take place with electric flights. But the training is not limited to electric flights, it includes all elements for a commercial flight certificate. - This allows you to apply for a job as an airline pilot. Once there, you have to take a special course for the plane you are going to fly," says Cecilia Holmlund, site manager at the Green Flight Academy. Students from all over the world In August 2021, Sweden's most powerful electricity supply for aviation was inaugurated at Skellefteå Airport and a few months later the first two permanently placed electric aircraft arrived at Green Flight Academy. With students from Australia, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, among others, the program is an international melting pot, and for many applicants, the opportunity to experience northern Sweden was a big part of the attraction. - The theoretical training takes place on Campus Skellefteå and the student accommodation is 150 meters from the flight school and ten minutes from the city center. "Here the future pilots get to live student life with the other students - it has been very much appreciated," says Cecilia Holmlund.

  • So many housing projects completed in Skellefteå in 2022

    Construction cranes, rerouted roads and transformed areas. The image of the new Skellefteå growing at the seams has become a common sight. Now it is also clear that 800 new homes will be completed in 2022. - These are much rosier numbers than in 2011 when we sold a single villa plot. In 2023, at least as many homes will be built and we will continue to create opportunities for those who want to build, says Patrik Larsen, Head of Land and Development at Skellefteå Municipality.

  • How Mats got a job without the right industry experience: "We look for the right person instead"

    How does a company navigate to find competent staff in a Skellefteå where the battle for new employees is fierce? Scandic dared to think outside the box and recruited Mats Bergqvist from the Church of Sweden, who is now studying Scandic's internal leadership training. - We would rather build and strengthen the individual than stare blindly at a CV. It's the person that's important," says Elin Burström, Hotel Director.

  • Skellefteå residents can now get ID cards at home

    From 8 February, it will be possible to apply for a Swedish Tax Agency ID card at the State Service Centre's service office at Kanalgatan 77. This means that it will now be easier for residents of Skellefteå and the surrounding area to apply for an ID card.

  • The chef couple from Peru and Portugal found their home in Skellefteå

    Chefs Lizandro Quevedo and Maria Neves had long considered leaving Gothenburg for a smaller city. And when Lizandro saw that the municipality of Skellefteå was looking for chefs at the end of 2021, things happened fast. He sent in an application, got a call the next day, and then both he and Maria were offered jobs in Skellefteå municipality's kitchen. - It was a jackpot for everyone, says Lizandro.

  • Bryggargatan trains and recruits high school students to meet recruitment needs

    Since itsinception in 2011, Bryggargatan has offered restaurant students internships and extra sessions while attending high school. The young people are trained and given more responsibility in the kitchen as their skills grow. - The restaurant and food programme has been our recruitment base for many years and we have the expertise to train the students. Only they are inspired and ready to do their best every day," says Bryggargatan's owner and founder Jon Oskar Arnason.

  • Former Minister of Education comes to Skellefteå to give a lecture during Pride week

    Since 2014, Skellefteå municipality has invited to a lunch seminar in connection with the RFSL Pride week. This time it is time for Lina Axelsson Kihlblom, who became the first transsexual person in Sweden's government when she took office in 2021, to give a lecture. - It will be a story about a giant journey on a personal level that also reflects society, she says.

  • Inclusion - a key in Boliden's international recruitment

    Skellefteå is expanding and the need for workers is great. Supplying skills is a challenge for many employers and international recruitment can be a solution. Boliden has recruited several talented people from other countries to Skellefteå and the mining company has methods to reach out to the right target groups and help new employees settle in when they arrive.


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The goal of our work is that you as an entrepreneur should have the best conditions to start, run and develop your business based in Skellefteå municipality.

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