Investing in the location of the new and sustainable industry of the future.

It offers unique opportunities for innovation, development and sustainable growth. Skellefteå's long-standing tradition of large-scale industry, our core competence in sustainable recycling, renewable energy, our central location and our rawand our central location over energy companies, airports and harbours means that we can offer a breeding ground for tomorrow's industry - where setting up is more profitable, faster and easier.

Skellefteå is today a modern and fast-growing region that attracts talented people from all over the world. The fastest growing sector in terms of new businesses and new jobs is the service sector, which also includes retail and tourism. Skellefteå's economy is based on a large private sector. The municipality has a strong tradition of entrepreneurship stemming from its rich natural resources - the forest, the ore and the river.

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Here we collaborate through an established working method and give you as a customer a way in to a coordinated offer with the municipality and municipally owned companies. This affordability makes great things happen and makes it easier to set up a business here!

Support for those who want to develop their business

Support for those who want to develop their business

We can help you get your business up and running quickly. You can read more here, or get in touch and we can tell you more. We look forward to meeting you!

We make great things happen!

"We have worked for a long time to identify Skellefteå's strengths and match them to the needs of the world around us. What has made this increased interest possible is that we have been able to use our prerequisites in the form of large areas and locations, clean energy, competence, security and, not least, courageous and pragmatic people."

Kristina Sundin Jonsson,
Municipality of Skellefteå

Porträttbild på kommundirektör Kristina Sundin Jonsson. Bilden är fotad på gågatan i Skellefteå cenrum.

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1 June 2023