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Networking and meetings

There is a prestigious attitude in Skellefteå that has had a positive impact on the opportunities for companies to succeed in their various markets.

With low thresholds and the ability to see the value in helping each other, a business climate has been created where collaboration between different companies and sectors comes naturally. It's an atmosphere that benefits everyone involved and makes it easy to achieve success side by side.

The work of businesses can be simplified and developed through networking. New contacts give rise to new opportunities. Here you will find links to growth networks, marketing networks and business organisations.

Business organisations create added value for companies through cooperation and increased knowledge. Here are the organisations that operate in Skellefteå municipality.

Västerbottens handelskammare
E-mail: handelskammaren@ac.cci.se
Web: Västerbottens handelskammare External link.

Svensk handel Skellefteå
E-mail: urban.pettersson@clasohlson.se
Web: Svensk handel External link.

Svenskt näringsliv
E-mail: mats.andersson@svensktnaringsliv.se
Web: Svenskt näringsliv External link.

Företagarna Skellefteå
E-mail: info@foretagarna.se
Web: Företagarna Skellefteå External link.

E-mail info@mellanbygden.nu

E-mail kontakt@skefor.se
Web: Skellefteåföretagarna External link.

In Skellefteå there are several networks working to promote the municipality and Västerbotten.

Visit Skellefteå
E-maik: info@destinationskelleftea.se
Web: Visit Skellefteå External link.

Marknadsföreningen i Skellefteå
E-mail: info@marknadsforeningeniskelleftea.se
Web: Marknadsforeningen i Skelleftea External link.

Region Västerbotten
E-mail: regionforbundet@regionvasterbotten.se
Web: Region Västerbotten External link.

Skellefteå Municipality was the initiator of the development process "Growth Network", with the aim of increasing growth in the entire municipality. Today there are networks in several places in the municipality. The networks are intended to facilitate cooperation between existing companies and develop the business community in the localities. The networks facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information between local businesses as well as between localities. It is hoped that this will create new business opportunities.

If you have ideas or suggestions for new development issues, please contact your local coordinator, see below.

Anna Bökkari
Telephone: +46 (0)70-219 30 67
E-mail: anna@burebo.se

Pär Johansson
Telephone: +46 (0)914-10501
E-mail: pj@tervento.se

Anette Jansson
Telephone: +46 (0)70-697 40 09
E-mail: anette.jansson@allt1.se

Karin Axelsson
Telephone: +46 (0)70-355 10 60
E-mail: buab@bygdsiljum.se

Ingmarie Stenlund
Telephone: +46 (0)70-360 14 66
E-mail: ingmarie.stenlund@hotmail.com

Karl-Åke Johansson
Telephone: +46 (0)70-625 22 57
E-mail: karl-ake@minexp.se

Mona Stenberg
Telephone: +46 (0)70- 800 05 18
E-mail: mona.stenberg@biremo.se

Dataföreningen i Norr
Dataföreningen I Norr (DIN) is a non-profit association, which shall act as a regional interest association for IT producing companies and users of information technology.
Web: Dataföreningen i Norr External link.

The mission of Teknikföretagens is to strengthen the competitive conditions in Sweden and give member companies greater scope to develop new ideas that make the Swedish economy grow sustainably.
Web: Teknikföretagen External link.

BNI is a group of businessmen/women from different sectors who meet once a week to help each other find more business opportunities.
Web: BNI Skellefteå External link.

Business Sweden
Business Sweden offers everything needed to establish a company, its products, services or ideas in new markets, or to grow in an existing market. An important part of their mission is to identify opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises that have the potential to grow internationally.
Web: Business Sweden External link.

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