Business lunches

During the year, the Business community will visit a number of different locations around Skellefteå municipality and would like to meet your entrepreneurs who are present and operating in these locations.

The visits take the form of business lunches where we meet and eat, socialise and exchange thoughts and ideas on how we can work together to strengthen the places where you operate. During the lunches, the Enterprise Office and various representatives will be present to have a dialogue with you and answer any questions you may have.

Welcome to register for the business lunch where you are!

Kommande företagsluncher på respektive orter:

Med reservation för att datum kan komma att ändras.

Våren 2023

  • 14 Mars: Burträsk
  • 15 Mars: Kåge
  • 23 Mars: Skelleftehamn

Hösten 2023

  • 3 Oktober: Boliden
  • 5 Oktober: Jörn
  • 10 Oktober: Bureå
  • 11 Oktober: Byske
  • 18 Oktober: Lövånger
  • 25 Oktober: Burträsk
  • 9 November: Kåge
  • 15 November: Skelleftehamn

Contact me if you have any questions!


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6 March 2023

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