Campus grounds offer a multitude of opportunities for students, enterprises and the public sector. Among the many options, you will find two restaurants, a library, a fitness centre, student counselling services and a learning centre, all conveniently located. The stage is set and within comfortable distance.

The first thing you notice when you come to Campus is that everything is organised in one and the same place. Both the centre of town and student housing are close by, while the university, the business sector and the community are back to back. The full-size fitness centre provides excellent opportunities for sports and exercise while the roomy library offers a superb study environment in a contemporary architectural setting. Add two restaurants overlooking the river and the picture is almost complete. The ground’s very own venue, engine and broker is the Learning Centre. It not only arranges tailored programmes and provides rooms for conferences, studying and meetings, but it is also the spider that weaves and expands Campus Skellefteå’s strong network.