New student

Program 5 september

Open program 11:30 - 14:00 for you who are new as a student, maybe new in Skellefteå or new in Sweden. Welcome to calm your curiosity and have a nice time.

We offer a mixed program with light lunch to the tunes of a band involved in Mullberget's association. Here you get to meet nice people who are happy to tell you about things that will make your study time both easier and more enjoyable. We are located at Campusparken, indoors or outdoors depending on the weather and wind. But you will find us. See the map here!


  • Lucid blues (Akoustisk blues/rock) på scenen kl. 12:00
  • Dot/Lions (Rock/Metal) på scenen kl.13:00


  • Campusbiblioteket & Studentcentrum Higher Education - your support during your studies
  • Helpdesk
  • Science Park - Coworking och innovativ arena
  • T2 -Have you ever tried welding - now you have the chance!
  • Urkraft


  • Consumer advice - what to look for and how to get it.
  • Budget Advice - Avoid the trap and live happier.
  • Mantal writing - why you should do it and how it works.
  • Skebo - Student housing is perfect but then.
  • Immigrant service - for you who want to know more about how living in Skellefteå lives
  • Hi Stranger - Planned activities together.
  • What does the European Year for Young People mean?
  • Expats and Friends - It all starts with friendship and with a helping hand…With ideas, and what you and I bring together!


  • Music by Mullberget
  • Exploratoriet - With a total of 800 square meters of exhibition space, with exhibits and interactive experiments. Here you will find, amongst other things, the Sun, Matvalet, Decibel and many more. And more is still to come, the exhibition area is continually growing and evolving in cooperation with regional buisnesses. We also have room for traveling, temporary exhibitions. Welcome in and discover!
  • KFUM - Basket
  • Culture & Leisure - Outdoor life, everything for those who want to know more about fishing, exercise loops, outdoor life and other exciting things.
  • Latitude 64 - Discgolf
  • Friskis o Svettis - gym training.Try and take the chance to find out more about what you can take part in.
  • Visit Skellefteå what to do in your spare time
  • SkeMake – Skellefteå Makerspaceförening
  • Västerbottensteatern Theater in Skellefteå
  • Climbing KFUM
  • ABF - student union
  • Fritidsbanken Sustainable leisure, try new activities for free.
  • Norrlandspadel
  • PDL Center Skellefteå
  • Step In
  • Friskvårdskompaniet

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