Price list

Here you will find most of the Campus Library's prices and fees. For more information, please contact the staff.

Course literature (loan period 14 days) that is returned too late: 50 SEK per book. Additional 50 SEK if the book is not returned/renewed. You can pay the late fee by credit card or Swish in the library, contact the staff. You can also pay online via My Library Account.

Fees are added as a debt to the library account. The account is completely blocked until the fee is paid and the debt is removed.

My library account External link, opens in new window.

Copies from other libraries: 50 SEK per item*
Copy with price over 200 SEK: 100 SEK

Loans from libraries within Sweden: free of charge
Loans from libraries outside Sweden: 200 SEK per loan.

Staff at Campus Skellefteå
Copies and loans: free of charge

Standards outside the SIS agreement: according to invoice

* An article refers to 1-20 pages. Articles with more than 20 pages have double the price.

Replacement fee for lost/damaged books: 800 SEK per book.

If a book is not returned, we consider it lost. The replacement cost is then 800 SEK per title and is added to the library account. This is the same cost for all types of books and materials. The amount will be removed from the account if the material is returned. You will still have to pay any overdue fees.

Fees are added as a debt to the library account. The account is blocked until the fee is paid. You can pay your debt online via My Library Account or at the library's information desk by card or Swish.

Replacement options

You can buy a replacement copy after consulting the library staff.

The library sells copy cards and various office supplies. Contact the library for information on the range and prices.


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