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Matching Monday - housing matching event

Skellefteå is growing at a record pace. In 2023, the population increased by about 2000 people. There are also many who are about to move to Skellefteå. Now all the housing that can be found is needed to meet the need.

Therefore, during the spring, the municipality will organize meetings to try to match those who want to rent out and those who need to rent a home and invite to Matching Monday in the Welcome House premises in the City Hall.

Matching Monday is a development of the previous Housing Hero campaign created in the fall of 2022.

In addition to landlords and potential tenants, other actors will also be present to help create opportunities to get a rental contract on the spot.

If you have a home to rent or need a home, you are welcome to attend Matching Monday!

Matching Monday

Location: Welcome House, City Hall, Trädgårdsgatan 6, Skellefteå.

Date: February 19

Time: 15:00-19:00


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9 February 2024