Anderstorpsgymnasium is opening an English-medium diploma programme

In autumn 2022, we will introduce an international, university-preparatory upper secondary school education programme in Skellefteå. Anderstorpsgymnasium (Anderstorp Upper Secondary School) has become a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme and the aim is for the school to achieve the designation of IB school in 2023.

“Teaching is conducted in English and provides an opportunity for both international and Swedish students to prepare for further studies,” says Maria Hedman, IB coordinator at Anderstorpsgymnasium.

The International Baccalaureate provides education in 159 countries around the world at 5,500 different schools. In Sweden there are currently 28 different schools offering the International Baccalaureate programme, with Bollnäs being the northernmost locality. Maria Hedman has 20 years’ experience working at an IB school in Stockholm. She believes that it is extremely valuable that Skellefteå can now offer these kinds of opportunities for upper secondary school students:

“With everything positive that is happening linked to Skellefteå’s growth right now, it’s exactly the right time. The programme makes things easier for international families who move here to work bringing teenage children who don't know Swedish. In addition, Swedish students are given a chance to learn English, which will then help them apply to educational courses and jobs abroad.”

Reflections on learning

The International Baccalaureate's secondary school program is a two-year educational diploma programme at Anderstorpsgymnasium. Because upper secondary school in Sweden lasts for three years, we begin with a preparatory year, which helps our students get ready for the years that follow. In addition to humanities and science subjects, two languages, and mathematics, the programme additionally includes elements based on the IB’s unique philosophy. Among these are Theory of Knowledge studies, which include epistemology and philosophical reflections on how learning works. Another example is CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), where students engage in community service activities of their own choosing.

Students and teachers work together

“The way of working together with the students is also something that distinguishes the IB programme.

Instead of just being fed information, they are allowed to develop their communicative and social abilities, focusing on their own investigations and thinking. In addition, final exams are assessed by an external examiner, allowing students and teachers to come closer together and work toward the same goal,” says Maria Hedman.

The ten teachers at the IB programme are either native English speakers or have strong knowledge of English that has been acquired otherwise. Ahead of the start in autumn, there are spaces for 32 students.

“We’re seeing interest in the programme for the autumn, but there is still the opportunity for more people to join us. Demand for places may certainly increase over the years, and it may then be a good idea to expand the number of places on the IB programme,” says Maria Hedman.

In addition to the IB programme at Anderstorpsgymnasium, English-medium instruction is offered at the Internationella Engelska Skolan (International English School) in Skellefteå for children ages 5-16, and Campus Skellefteå offers university courses in English in some of Skellefteå's high-profile fields. Comprehensive information about Skellefteå’s English-medium educational opportunities can be found at at Education.


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10 October 2022