Johan gives tips on the municipality's spring-winter gems

Johan Seger at Visit Skellefteå shares a bunch of ways to enjoy the spring winter in Skellefteå. Here you go!


Cross-country skiing in the light trail: This time of year, cross-country skiing can be at its best. The floodlit trail in Boliden has loops of 3.5 km, 2.5 km and 1.5 km. At the beginning of the floodlight trail there is also a ski playground for free skiing on a gently sloping hill.

Guldbacken: Invite a few friends and go sledding in Guldbacken, which is close to the Sidtjärns area. Next to the slope there is access to a shelter and a barbecue area, so it may be a good idea to enjoy some lunch or coffee in front of the fire between runs.


Fishing in Byskeälven: Byskeälven is well known as one of Sweden's best rivers for salmon and sea trout fishing and is one of the few remaining rivers with its original stock of wild Baltic salmon. However, the river has much more than just salmon fishing, you'll find stocks of grayling and stationary trout for lighter fishing.

Fällforsleden: Another way to discover Byskeälven is along the 4 km long hiking trail Fällforsleden. The trail starts at Laxcenter and takes you past Marranäsvältan, a natural forest where you have the chance to see forest birds and wild animals. On the trail you will also find the fascinating sausage lakes. Enjoy the view from Fällforsfallet and look for salmon on their hike. Barbecue facilities are available at Marranäsvältan. If you hike in early spring, snowshoes may be needed.


Burehällorna: Getting out to Burehällorna in spring winter can be an exciting adventure. The parking lot and the road to the trail are shoveled and the trail out to the rocks is usually driven by snowmobile. Once at the rocks, a view of the sea and sea ice awaits you. For those who bring firewood, there is also a sauna that the public can use. It may be a good idea to choose a day when it is not too windy. At low temperatures combined with wind, it can get quite cold out on the rocks.

One stormy autumn night in 1863, the soldier Trappman from Uttersjön sailed on the rock and his boat sank. He managed to get ashore but froze to death and was found kneeling with his hands clasped in prayer. The outermost rock is therefore called Trappman's rock.


Bouldering at Bjärnberget: Get close to nature like never before and challenge your limits at Bjärnberget, a secret treasure in Burträsk with world-class bouldering for both professionals and beginners. It is precisely in the spring winter that outdoor climbing in Skellefteå is at its best. This time of year, the temperature is often ideal for your fingers to get a good grip on the boulders.

Bygdsiljumbacken: Bygdsiljumsbacken has skiing both for those who like steep slopes and for those who want to try. The slope offers 13 runs, 4 drag lifts and 1 button lift for skiing. For children there is a supervised children's slope with a button lift. Toppstugan offers coffee, lunch and ski rental. Near the ski slope there are also fine cross-country skiing trails and a campsite.


Hälsans stig: For those who want to walk without snowshoes or skis on their feet when the snow remains, there is this five-kilometer loop to walk. The walk takes you through the community of Kåge and at every kilometer there are signs in both directions so that you know how far you have gone regardless of where you choose to start or stop. The Hälsans stig concept wants to enable nice walking paths for everyone. For those who want to increase the pace, the loop is also excellent for jogging.

Ersmarksbacken: Right next to Kåge is a small gem of a beginner's slope for those who want to ski downhill at a slightly slower pace. The slope is ideal for those who want to practice slalom or snowboarding.


Storklinta: Storklinta Ski Center is a ski resort 13 km northeast of the community of Jörn. The facility has a favorable location to the north from a snow point of view. The ski slope has seven slopes plus three children's slopes. There is a restaurant with a selection of simple lunch food. Ski rental with ski / snowboard equipment and sales of helmets, ski goggles and much more. You can also camp or stay in newly built apartments over the weekend if you wish. The vision is that everyone, regardless of age, should be able to meet and have fun together.

Horses of Taiga: For those with a spirit of adventure, this is a chance to discover this wonderful polar region from the back of friendly horses and with total respect for nature and the local population. In Svansele you can enjoy the peaceful but also wild feeling of the Swedish Tajgan also known as the boreal forest. It is in this mysterious and silent terrain that horseback riding is offered, ranging from an hour to a week. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to more experienced riders.


Bjuröklubb Nature Reserve: Here you can experience fantastic nature and cultural history at the easternmost point of Västerbotten. If you want to discover Bjuröklubb in the spring winter, snowshoes or touring skis are preferable. Bring a coffee and hot drink and explore one of Västerbotten's finest nature reserves. When the conditions are right, Bjuröklubb is also a perfect place to view the northern lights.

Lövånger Church Town: One of Sweden's oldest preserved church towns. The church, built in gray stone, was built in the early 16th century. The church town was an important gathering point for markets, events and tax collection. Today it is possible to rent a church cottage and live with period charm. Kyrkstaden is renovated annually by the local history association, the municipality and the county administrative board and has retained its 17th century charm. It is a fantastic place to stroll around and soak up a unique historical atmosphere.


Long-distance skating: If you missed out on long-distance skating at the beginning of the season, the spring winter also offers opportunities for white ice on the sea in Skelleftehamn. When the conditions are right and the spring sun melts a thin layer of snow followed by a cold night, large areas of white ice can form. Just remember never to go alone or without the right knowledge and equipment.

Ski touring along the coast: When conditions are not right for long-distance skating in the spring winter, it probably means that conditions are ideal for experiencing the coast on tour skis. Bring a friend and discover the sea ice and its formations.


Falkträskberget: Discover the incredible view from Falkträskberget. If you pass the swimming area and drive a bit further, you will see a road barrier on the right side. From the barrier, there is a 1.5 km walk up to the top. This hidden gem is a must visit for anyone looking for a spectacular view. From the barbecue area you have a fantastic view of the whole of Skellefteå, from Rönnskärsverken in the east to Myckle and Medle in the west. Sometimes trails are trampled in the snow. Other times, snowshoes may be needed.

Winter walk in the Vitberg area: This 4 km long signposted forest path is ideal for hiking in winter. It is shoveled by snowmobile and is also suitable for Nordic walking or dog walking. You can start at the road up to the TV mast or north of the wind shelter at Erikslid. It may be wise to bring poles or spikes when it is slippery beforehand.


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