Filippa from Ursviken made it on TikTok and stayed in the city

Actually, Filippa Andersson dreams of becoming a full-time drummer.

But for now, she's working on something many young people dream of; making money on social media where she can instead be effective with her humor.

- I'm really just being myself and doing what I think is fun. I try to let my personality out, says Filippa, who has 40,000 followers on TikTok.

Filippa has just moved to what you might call a "temporary home". While her friend is traveling abroad, Filippa takes the opportunity to borrow the apartment until she gets her own first apartment in three months.

- It feels great, it will be so nice to have your own and visit mom and dad in Ursviken when you feel like it and not have them chasing you at home, she says.

But she won't be living all by herself.

- I've bought a little cat too!

The whole apartment journey began with Filippa complaining on the social media platform TikTok about how difficult it was for young people to find accommodation in today's Skellefteå. With its 40,000 followers, the post spread, which in turn led SVT to contact her and make a feature on the housing shortage in Skellefteå, and later TV4 as well.

- I think it's good that the subject is being raised. It must be easier for young people to move into their own apartments.

But it was far from obvious that Filippa would make an impact on social media in this way.

- I started with TikTok very late compared to everyone else, I kind of didn't understand how it worked, but I started posting about trends and was lucky that it went well from the start. It has never been a goal to become big, I have always done it because it's fun and run on without thinking about it, she says.

In the summer of 2021, she reached a first milestone with five-digit followers.

- 10 000 was still a bit cool, she admits.

How would you describe the channel?

- I do all kinds of things, really I just try to be myself, but unconsciously it has become a little humor stamp on me. I do what I think is fun like fashion, beauty and music which is a big interest for me, says Filippa.

She grew up in Ursviken and attended the music program at Anderstorp with drums as her main instrument. There was a lot of music in her spare time.

- I would like to get back to it again. Skellefteå is a good music city with many opportunities, but it can always be better, for example with more rehearsal rooms. That's kind of how I was drawn into it via Kulturskolan, during high school I basically lived on Mullberget.

With 40 000 followers, companies and brands contact Filippa with proposals for collaborations.

A dream job for many?

- Yes, absolutely, I am privileged to make money from it. I don't call myself an influencer or Tiktokare, I would never do that. I just work with it. Many people don't understand how much time it actually takes and I didn't understand that from the beginning either, but all the pep and love I get from my followers makes me happy to keep going.

What kind of clients do you have?

- I work with different fashion companies, makeup, skincare, energy drinks, dating apps and those kinds of digital services. I am careful to choose what I want to bring together with, it should feel right," she says.

In addition to social media, Filippa drives an ice cream truck and works at ICA Kvantum in Skellefteå.

- All in all, it's a bit too much work, but I enjoy everything I do and still want a 'regular' job because of the socializing you get through your colleagues, she says.

What opportunities do you see as a young person in Skellefteå?

- Skellefteå has grown a lot in a short time, new places are opening and people are moving here. When I was in high school, I didn't even apply for housing because I didn't want to live here. But when I lived in New York for a year as an au pair, I realized that Norrland is quite nice after all. I like it here, it's close to nature and you can go for a walk without having to meet anyone. Everyone is so down to earth and I really like that, not everything has to be so superficial.

What else do you dream about?

- I live very much in the present, what I have said is that I want to work with things that are fun. I understand that not every day is fun, but I want to be driven by it and not have to wake up with anxiety. Maybe I'll start my own business in TV production, marketing, or maybe I'll have an epiphany to become a nurse. Of course I want to freelance with the drums, that would be great fun! But I take it as it comes!

Name: Filippa Andersson

Age: 20

Lives: Skellefteå

Raised: Ursviken

Occupation: Influencer, salesperson, shop assistant

Interests: Music, health, fashion, beauty

Favorite book: Harry Potter books

Favorite show: The Vampire Diaries

Favorite food: Raw's Spicy Poké bowl


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3 January 2024