They experienced what it is like to work and live in Skellefteå.

What is it like to work, live and work in Skellefteå?

That's what participants in the Relocate project from Stockholm and Malmö got to experience for a few days in March. During the trip to Skellefteå, they got to know the city and meet potential employers.

- "It was wow," says Alejandro Zuaznabar, whose life is about to take an exciting turn.

The participants were jobseekers from Stockholm and Malmö who are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen or Jobbtorg. They were already curious about Skellefteå, but knew very little about the place.

During the days in Skellefteå, they met employers who want to recruit. They also received information about finding accommodation, the cultural and leisure activities available in the city and the support offered to newcomers. They also took part in a city tour.

Safe environment

Silvia Valentinova Yilmaz Dalgin has been living in Malmö for eight months with her husband and their two children. She has previously worked as a language teacher in her native Turkey. Silvia came into contact with Relocate through the International Women's Association in Malmö and was impressed by what she saw in Skellefteå.

- A small, but beautiful city. I want my children to grow up in a safe environment. I think Skellefteå is a very good place for that," she says.

During the trip, Silvia met employees from Skellefteå municipality's education and labor market administration. The meeting felt good, says Silvia. She is now waiting for a register extract to be sent to the municipality so that she can work as a teacher. Then she hopes for a job offer - and a move north.

- "It feels very exciting. I'm really looking forward to working as a teacher again. And Skellefteå looks like a very good place for me and my family. I want to learn to ski," she says.

Freja Bröste, site manager at the staffing agency Konsultia in Skellefteå, was one of the employers who took part in the trip.

- It was well organized and the candidates I met were both good, nice and competent. It felt like they had actually thought through a possible move," she says.

"Open and friendly"

For participant Alejandro Zuaznabar from Stockholm, the trip was his first visit to Skellefteå. He is studying to become a civil engineer in soil and water. Alejandro also had very positive impressions of Skellefteå.

- A very safe place, and good energy from people. Everyone has been open and friendly. That doesn't always happen here in Stockholm," he says and laughs.

For Alejandro, the visit to Skellefteå is something of a back-to-school story. He has received a job offer from the construction company Contractor, which wants to employ him as a supervisor in land and construction.

- It was wow! It has gone incredibly fast. It feels like we have the opportunity for a whole new life," he says.

A few days ago, Alejandro came up to Skellefteå again, and already this week it is time for the first working day. His partner has had a job interview with the municipality's meal unit. And the three children are looking forward to getting to know a new city.

An important factor in the move has been the ability to find housing, says Alejandro.

- If you compare with Stockholm, it is much cheaper in Skellefteå. You can live well for less money. We want to start with an apartment, and in the long term we also dream of a house if we find something suitable," he says.

"Very interesting"

Lena Forsgren is HR manager at Contractor. She first met Alejandro in a quick digital interview a few weeks before the trip, and then during the trip. "That's when everything clicked.

- "We are very excited about it. He is very interesting for us and has the skills we need," she says.

Lena believes that Alejandro was able to come up and see Skellefteå on site was important for the decision to accept the job offer.

- It is a big adjustment to move. For him, I think this trip was very important.

Now she and her colleagues at Contractor want to help Alejandro integrate into society.

- "We will be there as employers and as friends. I'm sure he'll get used to the tasks quickly. I hope that we can show him Skellefteå, so that he wants to stay here in the long term," she says.

The trip was part of Relocate, a method development project that makes it easier for people who are a bit outside the labor market to get into work and attract competence to Skellefteå. The project focuses on attracting immigrants to Skellefteå and making the place more attractive for those who want to move to the city. The project runs until April 30, 2023.


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