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Here you can be sporty, cultural or a little of each. If you need new ideas, we suggest a deep dive into our fantastic Norrland food culture. Of course, we know how to cook salmon and fresh potatoes, how to cook palt, pickle cloudberries, bake flatbread and how to best prepare moose meat. In Skellefteå, you have every opportunity to find exactly the kind of life that suits you.

Events in Skellefteå

Articles: Recreation & activities

Articles: Recreation & activities

  • Drivecenter Arena – more than just racing

    Huge crowds, fantastic weather and victory for hometown driver Robert Dahlgren. The premiere of Midnattssolsloppet (the “Midnight Sun Race”) was exactly the success that Drivecenter Arena had hoped for, which has echoed far beyond Sweden’s borders. “With the course, we have an arena that can meet customers’ training, test, competition, and amusement needs. I’m convinced that interest will explode,” says Hans Westin.

  • Tricks, jumps and speed in Skellefteå Bike Arena

    A bike arena to practice your skills and loops, aimed at both beginners and more experienced cyclists. The bike park in Vitberget has something for everyone! “The facility means that Skellefteå has a holistic concept with a lower threshold for getting started with mountain biking,” says Stefan Wallgren, the initiator and board member of Skellefteå AIK Cykel, the local cycling club.

  • They make room for more girls on the skate scene

    Systraskate was started to get more girls in Skellefteå to start skateboarding. And in just a few years, the initiators have seen a big difference. “I work in the city and often see girls walking around with their bookbags and boards. That feels really great,” says Felicia Selin.


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