Två barn badar på stranden, Storsnäckstranden


Summer swimming in Skellefteå - with something for everyone

During the summer, there is no shortage of great swimming spots in Skellefteå and the surrounding area. Archipelago, lake, river, stream or pool. The choice on a hot summer day is great and in connection with the city there are bathing places for all tastes. Perhaps it's this summer that the swimming pot in you is cured or those miserable puffs disappear from your arms. Here are some tips on nice bathing places in and around Skellefteå.


Hamnskär, or Lotsplatsen as it is also known, is a small island off Furuögrund. The smooth rocks that meet the water around most of the island make this the perfect place for the whole family or group of friends. When the sun shines on a hot summer's day, the feeling of lying down and enjoying the heated rocks is hard to beat.

As the sun falls closer to the horizon in the evening, it's time to light a fire in the public sauna right by the sea. While waiting for it to heat up, dinner can be prepared at the barbecue area right next to it. If you want to enjoy the archipelago life for two days in a row, there are rooms to rent in the old pilot's cabin in the middle of the island. Don't forget to bring your own water as it is not available on the island.

To get here you need a boat and if you do not have access to your own, there is a boat taxi to book from the boat harbor in Furuögrund.




Just upstream from Lejonströmsbron is Rovön. A large, nice grassy area right at the edge of the river. In the middle of the day when the sun has taken its position in the south, it warms nicely on the lush little surfaces that Rovön consists of. The water is not very current and the river's shallow north side makes it a nice bathing place for everyone. There are several barbecue areas and the 15-minute walk to the center makes it easy to fix the picnic if your brought coffee would run out.

Tre kvinnor sitter på gräset på Rovön med Lejonströmsbron i bakgrunden



For those who really want to live out the beach life with sand between their toes, there is Långnäsbadet in Burträsket. With just over 500 meters stretching out along Långnäsudden, it is Västerbotten's longest sandy beach.

There is plenty of room to play football, beach volleyball or other activities. Once out in the water, it takes many steps before the water deepens, making it a bathing-friendly place even for the very youngest. On a hot summer day when the sand burns under your feet, it's hard to believe you're at the 64th parallel.

If you feel that the beach is getting a little too crowded, there are some smaller beaches hidden a little further away on the southernmost part of the cape. Something to keep in mind is that the beach faces west, so if you're a real sun worshipper, you can take a little nap before your visit.

Vybild över Långnäsbadet



After parking your car or mooring your boat, walk towards the northern tip of the cape. As the name suggests, you'll be greeted by beautiful rocky outcrops hit by the waves. This is a perfect place for the whole family to spend the day sunbathing and swimming. The cliffs may face north, but the high summer sun makes the cliffs suitable for sun worshippers from morning to evening. If you prefer to swim from a sandy beach, there's a nice spot just a few minutes' walk to the south. On the rocks and other places around the cape there are several barbecue areas if you want to cook a good outdoor dinner when the sun slowly gets lower towards the evening. And for those who prefer to swim from a sandy beach, there is a nice spot just a few minutes' walk in a southerly direction.

Vybild över Burehällorna



If you're not attracted to the biggest and most popular beaches, there's the less talked about Stor-snäckstranden. Just a short distance east of Boviksbadet, this shallow beach overlooks Kågefjärden. The beach stretches from the water up among the trees, which provides natural shade when the sun gets too intense. There are no toilets or other facilities here, so you must have packed your lunch before you get to the beach.

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