Ten must-see destinations

Visit Skellefteå's Veronica Ståhl gives tips on nice places to visit in Skellefteå.

Svedjan Cheese and Bakery

Here you can enjoy freshly baked buns, eat sourdough sandwiches with the farm's cheese and enjoy the view of the lake with grazing sheep and cows. Also take the opportunity to buy some cheese and bread to take home.

Svedjan ost och bageri

Bjuröklubb nature reserve

Bjuröklubb with its nature and history has something to offer most people. Have a coffee in the old lighthouse keeper's house, hike along the trails, jump in the dunes, stay a night in the lighthouse or hike out to the mermaid for a photo session out on Sillhällorna.

Bjuröklubb naturreservat med utsikt över havet


Here you can book a visit to the local cheese factory, stay overnight in one of the cozy cabins at White Mountain Lodge, go canoeing or explore one of the many hiking trails. Not to be missed is a hike to the top of White Mountain, where there is an old fire tower that has been restored into a lookout tower.

Kock lagar mat över öppen eld i Kalvträsk

Lövånger church town

Here you can stay in small red church cottages dating back to the 17th century, all of which have been carefully renovated to retain their period charm. Rent a bike to explore the pleasant cycle paths and experience the idyllic setting.

Kvinna med barn på axlarna tittar in genom ett fönster


There is a lot here in one place. There are a number of farm shops in the immediate area that can be visited and Burträsk market hall offers sales of local products and produce. Have a coffee at Edelviks Trädgårdscafé or rent a kayak or pedal boat for a trip on the lake.

Personer sitter i en pedalbåt

Skellefteå Bike Arena

At the top of Vitberget, a stone's throw from central Skellefteå, lies Skellefteå Bike Arena. A modern bike park, where both the pump track and the MTB tracks offer alternative levels of difficulty so that the beginner, the experienced cyclist and everyone in between will find challenges. If you do not have your own bike, bike rental is available on site.

Personer cyklar i skogen


This is a small island located just off Rönnskär in the Skellefteå archipelago and is a very popular destination, where you can explore the old lighthouse, the boathouses and the surroundings. The pilot house can be booked for overnight stays. You can get here by your own boat or tour boat.

Vit och röd fyr

Byske havsbad

Perfect excursion destination for the whole family. Spend the day on the beach, challenge someone to adventure golf or rent a pedal boat. Round off the day with a dinner and spend the night at the campsite.

Kompisar sitter vid en eld på stranden

Marranäsvältan nature conservation area

Marranäsvältan in Fällfors is powerful! It may sound like a cliché, but it really is something extraordinary. One of nature's own creations, as a result of the melting of the inland ice. Bring a picnic for a day in the dunes or a dip in the river.

Två barn tittar ut över Marranäsvältan

Kayaking in the Skellefte River

On the Skellefte River there is a lot of nice to experience. An excellent route for those who want to experience urban paddling is to paddle "the bridges around". For those who want to rent a kayak, Swenature is strategically located right on the river. You can also rent via Kayakomaten at Manhemskajen.

Kvinnor som paddlar kanot

Text: Veronica Ståhl

Photo: Visit Skellefteå

Veronica Ståhl works as a Tourist Information Guide and Event Manager at Visit Skellefteå.
- What I like about my job is that it is very varied, the best thing is the meeting with visitors, locals and newcomers. We are also a very nice team that works together, which makes everything very easy and fun.

Veronica Ståhl som jobbar på Visit Skellefteå, Turist Center