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What is Society Expo 2026? What do we actually mean when we talk about turning our challenges into actions? Here in our FAQ, you can find answers to common questions about SE26. If you don’t find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us

Expo is a global event where the goal is to find solutions to extraordinary challenges facing all of us. We do this by testing and developing ideas, solutions and tools that make an impact both here at home and around the world. Expo includes a lot of things such as conferences, knowledge sharing, initiatives and projects that drive development, exhibitions and events.

A housing fair is about showcasing homes. Society Expo is about our societal challenges and our living environments from a larger perspective.

Expo is a platform that engages a broad target group to promote Skellefteå's development. An important target group is our residents, with a clear focus on children and young people. But we also want to interest more target audiences, such as businesses, public actors, academia, civil society, educational institutions and general groups of interest. Everyone is involved in Skellefteå's development and everyone is welcome to contribute.

The purpose of Expo 2026 is to contribute to and showcase Skellefteå's sustainable and fast transformation and to develop knowledge and tools that make an impact on the world. Our rapid societal transformations bring challenges that must be solved, to continue to grow both quickly and sustainably.

SE26 is a catalyst for the extraordinary transition. We want to host a platform for co-creation that drives our development in the future, and makes an impact on the rest of the world. We also want to create interest in Skellefteå, as an attractive place, nationally and internationally.

The event will take place during spring/summer 2026. However, Society Expo is more than just a single event or isolated occurrence. The overall concept of our Society Expo is a long-term commitment that invites participation and collaboration. This work has already begun.

Everyone is involved in Skellefteå's development and everyone is welcome to contribute. We need collaborations and partnerships between local, national and international actors. It can be companies from the business community, or socially beneficial actors from civil society, where we see that local associations are also important to us. If this sounds interesting, please contact us for more information.


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