Society Expo 2026

Expo 2026 showcases Skellefteå and explores sustainable solutions

Here in Skellefteå, something unique is happening. We are growing fast and we want to do so in a sustainable way. We are proud of our joint efforts and journey. In 2026 we will hold a Society Expo. A global event, where we highlight Skellefteå and explore sustainable solutions to the challenges we face. The goal is to find knowledge and tools that make an impression – both here at home and abroad.

Skellefteå will grow a lot in a short time. And we want sustainable social development. It's the foundation of our development strategy, Skellefteå 2030. It is about education, jobs, health and social care, leisure opportunities, openness, and so much more. With sustainability, we mean climate, economic and social sustainability. The development strategy is the starting point for Society Expo 2026.

Now we are in the middle of the transition and we need to take big steps. With Society Expo 2026, we want to create new collaborations, where different actors can test and develop ideas, solutions, and tools that make an impression. It's also about showcasing our journey. Both for us as decision-makers, researchers, and other stakeholders.

Social sustainability is perhaps the biggest challenge of them all. It is also a topic that we especially want to highlight during our Expo. It's partly about showing successful projects that others can learn from. But also about examining the challenges that we face, where the Society Expo 2026 can drive development to find the solutions of the future.

And most importantly, we do it together. Everyone is involved in Skellefteå's development. And everyone is welcome to contribute. Together, we discover how we can carry out a fast and sustainable urban transformation.

A warm welcome in 2026!

FAQ - Society Expo 2026

A global event where the goal is to find solutions to fundamental challenges facing humanity. We do this by working with many different actors to test and develop ideas, solutions, and tools that make an impression on the world.

Expo is not a housing fair – it's not about showcasing homes, it's about
habitats from a wider perspective.

The expo is for all of us who live here. Everyone is involved in Skellefteå's development and everyone is welcome to contribute. We also want to show others where we came from, and the way forward.

The purpose of Expo 2026 is to contribute to and make visible Skellefteå's sustainable and fast transformation and to develop knowledge and tools that make an impact on the world. We want to create interest in Skellefteå, as an attractive place, nationally and internationally. We also want to develop co-creation that helps drive our development in the future. And make an impact on the rest of the world.

During spring/summer 2026.

Yes! Do you want to exhibit or lecture? Or maybe organize an event in the field of culture and leisure? Welcome to contact customer service!


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