A brand new school from preschool class up to grade 9, with a sports hall and athletics hall, has been completed on Morön. Floraskolan opened for the first students in the fall of 2020.

Skellefteå is growing, and so is the student population. Floraskolan was built to meet tomorrow's needs, partly based on changes in the student population and partly to achieve the values described in the curriculum.

Each pupil belongs to a year group, a team and a home arena. Each student's needs and conditions are the starting point for how the teaching team plans teaching and the size of the groups. In order to individualize and create equal teaching, there are fewer static classes and instead more groups adapted to needs. Digital learning tools are a matter of course in teaching.

The focus is on a varied learning environment to create space for students' differences and a pleasant indoor environment. There are many places for discussions, group work and presentations, but also space for both activity and for quiet concentration and peaceful work.

Skellefteå municipality

About the building

The school is 14,000 square meters and is environmentally certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver, which places high demands on, for example, low energy consumption, good ventilation and good choice of materials. The building's facade is made of wood and hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, and it also has large glass sections for optimal daylight penetration into the common areas of the school.

The school is completely shoeless and each grade has its own entrance to its home classroom.